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1 month 2 days

Here's a copy (quite abstract) of instructions on automated testing which we were using on my last Drupal 7 project.

1 month 2 weeks

Things to consider if you want your pages to be printer-friendly:

1 month 2 weeks

Read from the Smashing Magazine today:

1 month 3 weeks

Let's say you want your content to be loaded via infinite scroll. This article offers some amount of review and analysis on the topic, this is not a complete implementation guide.

1 month 4 weeks

In case somebody doesn't know:

2 months 1 hour
  • Important actions (like user deletion in admin) should be protected by confirmation dialog (and form token validation).
2 months 5 days

Next article in the series of "web development tips". This time it's fonts.

What should we do / avoid doing / be aware of when working with fonts.

2 months 1 week

A set of tips on using images on the web.

3 months 2 weeks

A few months ago one of Thumbtack clients asked to implement a very simple mechanism for gating certain content items.

7 months 2 weeks

Finally got why many site developers prefer making links that open in a new tab. That can be convenient when you're browsing the site through a notebook without mouse.


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